Case study: Singapore Strait collision

Case study: Singapore Strait collision

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With this case study, we like to share an incident and create awareness on how this incident happened and share lessons learned. This incident involves a collision between a large bulk carrier and another vessel in Singapore Strait.

This incident is seen from the bulk carrier, no information was acquired from the other vessel involved.

The bulk carrier is transiting Singapore Strait en route to Ponta da Madeira, Brazil to load cargo. The vessel planned to make a stop at Singapore anchorage to take bunkers and stores before commencing its voyage to Brazil.

At around 00:07 hrs, while transiting the Malacca Strait abeam Karimun Kecil Island in Indonesia, the vessel made contact with another vessel on its starboard side (01° 09.75’N, 103° 26.76’E).

As a result of the collision, the bulk carrier sustained minor indents and superficial scratches around the bow area in addition to a minor hull breach, both above the waterline. No injury, loss of life or pollution was caused by this collision, however, the incident could easily have resulted in a major impact on the vessel, crew and environment as well as to the reputation of the company.