LMS familiarization

LMS familiarization

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Dear instructor,

This online course is to familiarize yourself with this LMS. You will learn how to create a course consisting of modules, topics and quizzes. Also, you will learn about user groups, how to register users and enrol them into a course. Note that during this online course some screenshots may show “Lesson”. In our LMS Lessons are called Modules.

All the instructions in this course are also available in the knowledge base. You can always find the knowledge base on the front-end menu and in the top left corner if the back-end.

When we are talking about front-end and back-end, we mean the following: The front-end of the website is the part that the users/visitors can see. The back-end is the part that only administrators and instructors can see. It is where courses are created and users are administered.

If you have any questions, please get in touch using the contact form below each module and topic.