Ship’s Catering Services NCI (Messman)

Ship’s Catering Services NCI (Messman)

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Welcome to your Ship’s Catering Services NCI (Messman) asynchronous session! Before you proceed with the course proper, we strongly advise you to read through the guidelines covered during the orientation. Take note of the requirements before proceeding to the synchronous sessions, as well as into the face-to-face on-site classes.

Ship’s Catering Services NCI (Messman) Timetable

Course description

This course is designed to equip individual with skills, knowledge and attitudes required in rendering catering services in accordance with industry standards. It covers core competencies in providing mess hall services, perform housekeeping services as well as providing assistance in receiving and storing provision and supplies.

A person who has completed this training may be qualified to become a Messman.

Basic competencies

  1. Receive and respond to workplace communication
  2. Work with others
  3. Demonstrate work values
  4. Practice housekeeping procedures

Common competencies

  1. Observe personal hygiene
  2. Practice food safety, sanitation, and hygiene
  3. Observe catering health and safety practices
  4. Protect marine environment/waste segregation management
  5. Work within multi-cultural and religious environment

Core competencies

  1. Perform mess hall service
  2. Perform housekeeping services
  3. Provide assistance in receiving and storing provisions and supplies